Why Use Facebook

As we have learnt above, Facebook is a “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information with others. It’s a place where you chat with others, share your ideas, ask questions, comment on people’s status, add your status, make friends, market your business, advertise and much more. You will not find any one-stop shop of this kind on the internet.

Why Are You Still Using Facebook? The response was devastate, with well over 100 people chiming in with their reasons for continuing to use Facebook. 

The major reason everyone still use Facebook is because everyone else uses it. This shouldn’t come as a great surprise to anyone, as it’s a fact that with 1.3 billion users, Facebook is where all your friends are likely to be.

Facebook separates people from one another by putting them before a computer screen, an article in Psychology Today explains that Facebook allows members to quickly and efficiently exchange information they once held private. For business users, this open communication channel means that customers can ask questions they may feel uncomfortable asking in person or even over the phone. In addition, the nearly real-time communication facilities available on Facebook allow business owners to provide customer service and answer sales enquirers directly though the social networking service.Some persons spend too much time on Facebook, have difficulty cutting back. Furthermore, this disease keeps you away from real people and eventually creating the problems with the real-life relationships, relatives, school, or in the career. This is the biggest disadvantage of the Facebook site. 

Facebook offers a lot of benefits to marketing professionals and small business runners. With its massive user base, Facebook gives marketers a nearly limitless audience for commercial messages. In addition, Facebook ad tools allow business users to target message delivery using a variety of demographic information that ranges from geographic location to age, relationship status and even sexual preference. Facebook also provides an array of analytical tools that marketers can use to gauge advertising effectiveness and adjust ads as necessary.